The Digital Heatmaster

”The Digital Heatmaster” (Den Digitale Varmemester, DDVM) provides a house owner with completely new opportunities to monitor and control heat consumption. The aim is to ensure optimum operation with minimum energy bill and CO2 footprint. DDVM is a cloud-based solution, which optimizes and logs the operation of your heat pump. The solution is originally designed to control air-air heat pumps, for example in holiday houses, but it will also be marketed to heat pumps that provide heat for all-year houses equipped with central heating.

DDVM optimizes the operation of the heat pump based on the customers wish for indoor climate, the building’s energy condition, local weather forecast, hourly electricity prices and CO2 content.

Smart Control – smarter than the built-in control

Heat pumps are becoming more intelligent. The problem however is, that they do not “know” the building it supplies or have access to weather forecasts, electricity prices or CO2 content in the coming days.

”Den Digitale Varmemester” is the necessary accessory, which makes the heat pump “smart”. DDVM models the energy consumption and the heat loss of the building and tells the heat pump when and how it should run. Basically, the house owner must be sure that the house has the desired temperature (and enough hot water), and at the same time the heat pump should run with high efficiency (COP) and use electricity, when it is cheap and contains low CO2.

Advantage for the grid – “Smart Grid Ready Heat Pump”

Above all ”Den Digitale Varmemester” is a tool that ensures house owners that their heat pumps are running smart and minimize the electricity bill. However, at the same time, this software has great potential economic value for the grid. The heat pump can be a positive team player, transferring energy consumption away from peak hours or expensive hours – the “Smart Grid Ready Heat Pump”.

Advantage for companies that sell and service heat pumps

A remote controlled and monitored heat pump also means, that companies supplying and servicing heat pumps can monitor and service the heat pumps, thus avoiding unnecessary expensive customer visits.

Unique product fulfilling both customer and provider’s need

Apparently, there is no available commercial product on the market that continuously optimizes a heat pump operation based on building model, comfort requirements, local weather forecast and electricity prices and tariffs. DDVM has “value” for both house owner, grid and heat pump companies.

One package – Software & Hardware

”Den Digitale Varmemester” will be marketed as a single hardware and software package facing holiday houses. A provider or the individual house owner, then pay an annual fee for the server application, weather data, analysis and control algorithms. Similarly, the software is developed to communicate with central heating based heat pumps, if an open interface exists.


The primary customers are grid companies and heat pump manufactures, that buy concept for resale to their own customers. DDVM could strengthen their customer relations and give the manufactures efficiency profits in relation to energy trade, grid optimization and customer service and logistics. ”Den Digitale Varmemester” is marketed in Denmark from mid 2013, with air-air heat pumps as the first market segment.

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